Vermillion Advancement

Vermillion Advancement

Area Face
Age range > 20s
Method Cosmetic Surgery
Downtime Noticeable redness and lumps for 1-2 weeks
Approval Yes
Price range 3500

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Vermillion Advancement Treatment

Vermillion is the red colour of the lips. Vermillion advancement is the altering of the border of the vermillion to improve appearance. The process was originally used to improve appearance following lip cancer removal. It is often used as a complementary procedure to lip enhancement to reduce the occurrence of “trout pout”. It usually leaves a scar that needs to be covered up with lipstick.

The process involves numbing of the lip region followed by an incision along the vermillion border. The agreed amount of skin is then removed. Then vermilion is pulled outward and upward, and sutured into place. Swelling and bumps may appear post-surgery and require steroid injections.

It combats the effects of “Trout Pout” and makes lip augmentation more realistic.

It will leave scarring and may need steroid injections to remove bumps left behind.

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