Thread Lift / Silhouette Soft

Thread Lift / Silhouette Soft

Area Face
Age range > 40s
Method Skin Tightening
Downtime 1-2 days
Approval FDA Approved
Price range 2000

Thread Lift / Silhouette Soft Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Thread Lift / Silhouette Soft Treatment

Known as the “One stitch face lift”. It uses sutures and a new type of medical biodegradable thread (Polylactic Acid) to compress and lift, rejuvenating the face or targeted area. The practitioner applies gentle pressure to subtly reshape the area. The results last up to 18 months.

A trained professional and a medical history are taken. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and is performed under a local anethestic. There is no incision, just a very fine needle inserted into the skin. It is a single treatment. Post treatment there may be low-level swelling, redness and bruising that disappear very quickly in a matter of days. A wrinkling effect may occur but this is part of the treatment and disappears very quickly.

A noticeably smoother, tighter, rejuvenated effect. One session without much pain.

It only works for 18 months. It is recommended to avoid dental work, facial treatments and contact sports for a couple of weeks post treatment. The process is aided by sleeping on the back to maximise the effects of the treatment.

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