Tai Chi

Tai Chi

Area Health & Wellbeing
Age range > 20s
Method Alternative therapies
Downtime N/A
Approval N/A


Tai Chi Treatment

Tai chi (Supreme Ultimate Boxing) is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defence training and its health benefits. Tai Chi is an amazing system for all over body health and is a fantastic way to relieve stress and build in strength and flexibility into your joints. It is often referred to as moving meditation.

Today, t'ai chi ch'uan has spread worldwide. Most modern styles of t'ai chi ch'uan trace their development to at least one of the five traditional schools: Chen, Yang, Wu (Hao), Wu, and Sun. All of the former, in turn, trace their historical origins to Chen Village. The core training involves two primary features: the first being taolu (solo "forms"), a slow sequence of movements which emphasize a straight spine, abdominal breathing and a natural range of motion; the second being different styles of tuishou ("pushing hands") for training movement principles of the form with a partner and in a more practical manner.

T'ai chi ch'uan has been reported as being useful in treating a number of human ailments, and is supported by a number of associations. A 2015 systematic review found Tai Chi could be performed by those with chronic medical conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, heart failure, and osteoarthritis without worsening shortness of breath and pain, and found favourable effects on functional exercise capacity in people with these conditions. Regular practice of Tai Chi brings a number health benefits the the muscular, skeletal an circulatory systems. It also has positive effects on stress.

Tai Chi has no clear evidence of effectiveness. There is a difficulty in remembering and following the Tai-Chi movements. Difficult in practicing independently. Since the classes tend to be long you are at times left out of energy and bored.

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