Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch Mark Removal

Area Body
Age range > 20s
Method Laser Treatments
Downtime 2 days
Approval FDA Approved
Price range 4000

Stretch Mark Removal Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

Stretch Marks are caused by sudden changes in the body that the skin’s normal elasticity cannot cope with, such that lines develop along the ruptured subcutaneous tissues. Such changes may occur during growth spurts in puberty, after significant weight gain and loss or, most commonly, after pregnancy. A number of methods are used to combat stretch marks. Natural remedies such as oils, diet and exercise have limited success. Treatments for the face may be transferred to deal with stretch marks such as blue light therapy and microdermabrasion. The most common solution is laser treatment. At the most radical end “tummy tucks” or abdominoplasty removes the stretch marks by removing the skin around the abdomen.

Laser treatment involves pulsed light being emitted from a gun-like device. You may be asked to undress and put on paper underwear or just expose the area for treatment. The session will last about 20 minutes. Up to 6 sessions may be needed.

Increased body confidence and a desire to look good in swimwear are often cited as the reasons for stretch mark removal. Laser treatments will fade if not remove stretch marks completely.

Not one treatment alone is usually successful in removing stretch marks so disappointment is often felt after such procedures, with more sessions required, and more cost.

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