Smile Design

Smile Design

Area Dental
Age range > 20s
Method Dental
Downtime None
Approval FDA Approved
Price range 3000

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Smile Design Treatment

During the last decade, the term ‘smile design’ has gradually become commonly used in the ever more popular aesthetic dentistry. But what does smile design actually mean? In everyday language, the term ‘smile design’ is often used to describe dental treatment with aesthetic purposes. However, smile design is actually a process before the treatment starts.

Smile design usually involves a lengthy consultation with the dentist to look at your mouth. S/he will usually take impressions: this is where moulds of soft putty are gently pushed into place on the upper palate, taking in all of the teeth, and pushed firmly in place, then allowed to go firm in your mouth over a number of minutes. This process is uncomfortable and can trigger the gag reflex for some people, but it is important to keep still so that the moulds can be made. Depending on your needs the same process may be done for the lower palate too.

By the next visit the dentist will have studied your impressions in detail and come up with a smile design plan. You may be offered some options. Veneers, bonding and whitening are among the options commonly suggested in smile design. After further discussion about the smile design plan that best suits you, some dentists offer a method of pre-visualisation of the desired end result. This will give you a view (usually computer-generated) of you once you have your aesthetic dental treatment. Seeing the results like this, ahead of time, is a great way of compelling you to dive in, ignore your fears, and go ahead with the treatment!

A Hollywood smile!

Cost! The cost of veneers, bonding, whitening etc, all packaged together, to give an overall result of a beautiful, transformational smile, can run from a few thousand euros up to tens of thousands!

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  • icon_butterfly

    medal_transparent patmac147

    Not sure      21 July, 2017 - 13:51

    I went to a well-known clinic in Dublin for "smile design". They took professional photos and produced a vision of what the new smile could look like. To be honest it was all a little overwhelming. I'd much prefer a little less gloss and drama, and a little more one-to-one chat and discussion about the shape. Not only that the estimate they gave me nearly gave me a heart attack. I have been shopping around and the difference in price is astounding!