Smart Lipo

Smart Lipo

Area Body
Age range > 30s
Method Laser lipo
Downtime 2 days
Approval FDA Approved
Price range 5

Smart Lipo Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Smart Lipo Treatment

Smart Lipo uses a high-powered laser to remove unwanted fat cells. Laser fibre is inserted under the skin by means of a very small tube that contains the fibre. The cannula is moved in a manner to break down fat cells through use of the power of the laser. The fat cells break into very small particles and are then absorbed by the body where they drain away. The process also works by stimulating collagen production.

The client lies down on a plinth while the therapist inserts the cannula gently, moving it back and forth under the skin. There is no anaesthetic required but it may be used locally and the process should be relatively painless. It takes about an hour and is not described as an unpleasant experience. There is considerably less chance of bruising or visible signs of the treatment as the process involves very small tubes.

Fat reduction in targeted areas with increased collagen production that lends itself to firmer, healthier looking skin tone. Weight loss is permanent. If you gain weight, fat cells are attracted to areas where the process has not occurred.

You may need a number of treatments which will obviously increase the overall cost of the process. A compression garment must be worn for several days to weeks after the treatment. Hot tub use is contra-indicated.

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