Sex counseling

Sex counseling

Area Health & Wellbeing
Age range > 20s
Method Mental health
Downtime None
Approval N/A

Sex counseling Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Sex counseling Treatment

Much cosmetic surgery is designed to makes us more attractive to our partners but the problem may be more psychological than physical. Sex counselling addresses the underlying issues surrounding problems in the bedroom. Issues may include:

* Premature ejaculation
* Low libido/sex drive
* Orgasm difficulties
* Body Dysmorphia
* Erectile dysfunction
* Painful intercourse
* Intimacy issues

One person can attend, but as sexual problems are seldom completely one-sided, both partners are usually required to attend. You should expect a safe and confidential environment with a qualified and experienced counsellor. Counsellors are trained in many different schools of psychotherapy including person-centred therapy, Gestalt therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). A goal is usually set after a full and detailed discussion around sexual issues.

Sex therapy can clear away problems through various techniques that have developed over the years. Acceptance of one’s own sexual needs and respect for those of your partner is a valuable skill in life. It can provide a remedy when no solution seems possible.

It requires a lot of courage to take the first steps to go into sex counselling and there is a possibility it may not work. It can be expensive and some problems may need medical rather than psychological intervention.

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