Area Nose
Age range > 20s
Method Cosmetic Surgery
Downtime 2-4 weeks
Approval yes
Price range 5000

Septorhinoplasty Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Septorhinoplasty Treatment

This is a specific form of Rhinoplasty that alters the septum of the nose. The septum is the wall that divides the nostrils of the nose. Common problems include a deviated septum - a bend in the septum that may be as the result of trauma or may be inherited. Occasionally it is caused by previous surgery on the nose or drug use (most commonly cocaine). Surgery may improve the appearance of the nose and facilitate easier breathing and better sleep.

The procedure is performed under either general or local anaesthesia. Surgical implements are inserted through the nostrils to make incisions and remove bone or cartilage. The septum is straightened and scaffolded temporarily using plastic cannulas, splints, or internal sutures.

It may improve appearance, breathing and reduce the occurrence of nose bleeds.

Poorly performed surgery can lead to collapse of the septum or increased problems associated with the problems of a deviated septum - although this is unusual. There is a risk that the sense of smell is reduced though this tends to be temporary. There is significant downtime that requires increased personal care including, but not limited to, care blowing the nose, avoidance of swimming and contact sports.

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