Area Nose
Age range > 20s
Method Cosmetic Surgery
Downtime 4 weeks
Approval Yes
Price range 4000

Rhinotip Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Rhinotip Treatment

This surgery includes the correction of the nose tip and nostrils. The tip of the nose is an M-shape, primarily consisting of cartilage. Rhino tip surgery changes the angle from the face, vertical height or width of the nostrils. It usually involves changing the columella (the structure between the nostrils) with internal or external incisions or sutures. It is often used to rectify bulbous nose tips.

This surgery may be performed under local or general anaesthesia. Dissolvable threads are used for internal sutures. There may be little or no bruising but you will probably be sent home with a splint outside your nose or taping. These will probably be removed after four to six days and expect any swelling to reduce after four weeks. A stiff sensation may be felt for the first month. Results may be seen initially after three months but a final formation will only occur after twelve months.

A shaped, beautiful nose. A balancing of features with associated improvement in self-confidence.

Many people are unhappy with their new nose, a result known as “miss piggy nose” may result or the effect may be so subtle that the procedure seems unnecessary. A lot of the success is down to the skill of the doctor involved. The new nose may take up to a year to bed down.

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