Relationship counseling

Relationship counseling

Area Health & Wellbeing
Age range > 20s
Method Mental health
Downtime None
Approval N/A

Relationship counseling Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Relationship counseling Treatment

There are many types of relationship counselling including some offered free-of-charge by charities or government-sponsored organisations. The main types of counselling come under the umbrella term Psychotherapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy seeks to pinpoint causes of behaviour and then change thought patterns around it - this is currently a popular practice. Other variants include client-centred therapy - that is a humanist therapy, or psychoanalysis. Psychoanalysis usually only deals with one party at a time. It may be Jungian, Freudian, Kleinian (or many others), meaning that the therapy will be based around the teachings of individual thinkers and closely followed by its adherents.

Initially sessions may be individual and later become joint sessions. The session begins with goals being defined and rules agreed upon.

Having relationship counselling offers an objective view of very personal problems as well as both parties, through seeking help, showing a commitment to try to work things through and reach a positive outcome. Therapists have generally seen and heard a lot so are in a good position to give advice using the skills of their profession.

It can bring many repressed emotions and thoughts to the surface where they can cause irrevocable changes in a relationship. Couples and individuals can become dependent on the sessions. A phenomenon called transference can cause a patient to become emotionally attracted to the therapist. Further to this, another potential problem is known as projection - this is where the therapist projects his/her own issues onto the clients.

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