Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Vampire Facial

Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Vampire Facial

Area Face
Age range > 20s
Method Facial treatment
Downtime None
Approval FDA Approved
Price range N/A
100% Worth it! rating (1 reviews)

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Platelet Rich Plasma Facial Vampire Facial Treatment


The Platelet Rich Plasma Facial, popularly known as the Vampire Facial, is a procedure involves taking a quantity of blood from the patient’s arm, and spinning it in a centrifuge to separate the red and white blood cells from the plasma (the fluid part). The plasma is then injected into the skin. The scientific basis for the treatment is that the concentrated plasma is rich in platelets, the part of the blood which contains contain growth factors, and which are said to aid healing and produce collagen which rejuvenates the skin.


The procedure is straightforward and does not require anaesthetic. However it is best delivered by someone with medical experience, and the necessary facility with needles. Some practitioners combine the platelet rich plasma with dermal fillers to further plump up problem areas, such as under the eye.


The Platelet Rich Plasma Facial should lead to younger, healthier looking skin. It also banishes lines, and smooths out the skin under the eyes, which thins with age. Unlike botox, PRP doesn't freeze the face or reduce movement.


It is an expensive treatment, around €500 to €700 per session - of which up to three may be required to achieve the desired effects. While some results may be noticeable within a week, it can take up to 6 months to experience the full effects of the treatment.

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