Area Health & Wellbeing
Age range > 20s
Method Alternative therapies
Downtime N/A
Approval N/A

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Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy is a health care profession concerned with the assessment, maintenance, and restoration of the physical function and performance of the body. It is a distinct form of care which can be performed both in isolation and in conjunction with other types of medical management e.g. post-surgery or while on medication.

Physiotherapist use an individual's history and physical examination to arrive at a diagnosis and establish a management plan and, when necessary, incorporate the results of laboratory and imaging studies like X-rays, CT-scan, or MRI findings. During your first visit your medical history will be reviewed and physical condition assessed. The customers symptoms will be discussed and all questions answered if there may be. The therapists will provide the customer with an accurate diagnosis before treating you to relieve pain and regain movement.

Physiotherapy deals with restoring and maintaining functional movement, reducing pain and promoting health in individuals. Many benefits are available to the public through the widening scope of physiotherapy. The profession addresses orthopaedic, neurological and cardiopulmonary problems among infants, children, adults and geriatric populations. Orthopaedic cases (this includes sports injuries, fractures, spinal pain and headaches to name a few) are the most common types of patients we treat in a clinical setting.

The treatment takes a long time, it does not show immediate outcome which also increases the cost of the treatment.

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