Mobile Hairdresser

Mobile Hairdresser

Area Hair
Age range > 20s
Method Hair treatment
Downtime None
Approval N/A
Price range 50

Mobile Hairdresser Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Mobile Hairdresser Treatment

Mobile hairdressers bring their skills and tools of the trade to an individual’s home, hotel, work or hospital. They are used by brides, those convalescing or for location-based work such as modelling.

Most mobile hairdressers provide all the services they would in the salon. However, if there is no access to water they are limited but will use products like dry shampoo to overcome this. Do not expect the price to be lower than the salon but usually these services are priced reasonably.

Mobile hairdressers allow styling to occur where you need it and when you need it.

Although often excellent, you may not know the mobile hairdresser so you are getting an unknown quantity. They may not have all the products they would have in a salon such as a specialised cutting chair.

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