Area Body
Age range > 20s
Method Alternative therapies
Downtime None
Approval Varying depending on technique.
Price range 40-120
100% Worth it! rating (2 reviews)

Massage Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Massage Treatment

Massage is the manipulation of skin and muscle by a therapist to release tension and bring balance and wellbeing to the body. There are many types of massage. The best-known traditional massage is known as Swedish massage; a lighter massage with oils is an aromatherapy massage; a sports massage targets injuries and strains. Many variants of these exist, including massage in corporate yoga, Chinese medicine, and even hot stones.

The most common question people ask before a massage is, ‘Do I leave my underwear on or not?’ The answer is that the massage therapist will not be surprised by either choice - they have seen it all before. If in doubt, ask - you will not be the first or last person to ask this question. Massage usually begins face up and the client turns for the second half of the treatment. You may fall asleep - again this is not unusual and the therapist will wake you up gently if this does happen. Not all massages use oil; sports massage is often localised and dry.

Massage moves lymph and facilitates detoxification but the major benefits are from stress reduction and the relief of localised tension.

Massage can be too deep and cause pain during or after the treatment. Massage can be too light, leaving the client feeling bereft and annoyed. Oils can cause allergic reactions.

2 Reviews

  • icon_butterfly

    medal_transparent patmac147

    Worth it!      21 July, 2017 - 13:33

    In my old job I once had a client who had a "massage room" in his house. To be honest I can't think of a greater luxury than having regular massages. I suffer from stiff neck and shoulders and the relief they give me is phenomenal. I don't do it enough at all. I always feel it's a major decadence but every time I take the plunge I'm always thrilled with it. The only time I ever had a bad experience with it was in the Philippines when I was sun burned and it was on the beach. The lay basically rubbed half the beach into my red-raw shoulders. I was nearly in tears -horrendous. But this is not the norm! I personally love lymphatic drainage massages. Especially after a period of over-indulging in alcohol etc.

  • icon_butterfly

    medal_transparent McCaffacakes

    Worth it!      25 July, 2017 - 12:04

    100% worth it! I used to work in retail, which involved a lot of heavy lifting. This left me with an extremely tight and sometimes sore back! I decided to go for a massage to relieve the tension a bit. I was a bit nervous about being naked and in case I would do something silly like start laughing because it was tickle or something, but I done quite the opposite and nearly fell asleep! My back felt instantly better and I felt so happy and relaxed after. My favourite part is when they would massage along my spine, it felt amazing!