Lip Implant

Lip Implant

Area Lips
Age range > 20s
Method Implants
Approval Many filler products have approval
Price range 4000

Lip Implant Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Lip Implant Treatment

The term Lip Implant is often used when referrring to filler injections that are designed to give the appearance of rounder, fuller lips. These fillers are usually based in hyaluronic acid. Such fillers include Restylane, Belotero, Juvederm, HylaForm and Elevesse.

However, fat suctioned off during liposuction may also be used as a fat injectable filler. Fillers give the advantage of being less invasive than surgery, more controllable and with little or no downtime.

Permanent lip implants use Gore-Tex or silicone. Semi-permanent options include the use of alloderm and saline. The leading supplier of lip implants is Surgisil Permalip.

Injectable fillers can be done in one session after a full consultation. Lip implants such as Surgisil Permalip require a longer session but it can be done in one session with a follow-up visit. Often, however, clients wish to have the implants removed and this can also be done in a single session with a follow up appointment.

Fillers are expensive and may need to be topped up as often as every two months. Lip implants provide a longer term solution. If you are unhappy with them they can be removed.

They can harden and may appear unsightly (lumpy) and need to be removed.

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