Light-accelerated bleaching

Light-accelerated bleaching

Area Dental
Age range > 30s
Method Dental
Downtime None
Approval FDA Approved
Price range 700

Light-accelerated bleaching Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Light-accelerated bleaching Treatment

This is a combination of traditional bleaching with a light source to agitate the peroxide molecules, with the aim of increasing the effect of the hydrogen peroxide bleaching agent.

Your mouth is clamped open. The hydrogen peroxide gel is spread on your teeth. Another gel is placed onto the gums to protect them. The bleach is left to work for about 20 minutes. Then the dentist/practitioner will use the light gun on the teeth. Laser is a misnomer. The light will probably be an LED or halogen source.

You will be instructed not to consume any staining foods; curry, and coffee – tea being the worst culprit due to its high level of tannins. Red wine will stain and white wine will make the teeth more prone to staining.

This process can be done in one session and the results can be dramatic.

The teeth are dried out during bleaching and will appear preternaturally white because of that for a week. Expect a rebound effect of sudden darkening after a week.

The gums can be damaged by the heat generated. The jury is out as to whether the light process works. The process can result in increased sensitivity or continuous pain if the nerve is affected.

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