Hair straightening

Hair straightening

Area Hair
Age range > 20s
Method Hair
Downtime None
Approval FDA Approved
Price range 100

Hair straightening Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Hair straightening Treatment

Hair can be straightened permanently or temporarily. Temporary straightening often involves the use of a device such as a hot iron, also known as a flat iron. GHD (Good Hair Day) is the world’s leading flat iron supplier. A hot comb or blow drier with a comb attachment may also prove effective. With very curly hair large rollers break down the curl and prepare the hair for further straightening. Use of heat can permanently damage the hair as can the pulling action needed to straighten using a hairdryer. A solution of chemicals can be used to protect the hair before straightening. This includes active ingredients such as Cyclomethicone - a clear silicone that evaporates after nourishing the hair shaft.

The Brazilian blow dry is a keratin-based hair treatment that straightens the hair. These treatments bond protein to the hair that smoothes and nourishes, and when flat irons are applied, seals the hair shaft.

A keratin or Brazilian blow dry differ in how long the product is left in for. A Brazilian blow dry requires the product to be left in the hair for up to 3 days. The hair must remain straight during this time so no pony tails or clips can be used. A keratin treatment is completed in the salon so the client is free to go with dry finished hair at the end of the treatment. Both treatments last about 3 months

Straight glossy hair. Coloured hair is moisturised and revitised by this treatment. Where as in the past these procedures used Formaldehyde now they are formaldehyde free.

Hair can lighten by up to a shade during the process. Salt-free shampoos and conditioners need to be used to prevent the treatment from dissipating.

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