Golden Facial

Golden Facial

Area Face
Age range > 20s
Method Skin Tightening
Downtime None
Approval FDA Approved
Price range 1500

Golden Facial Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Golden Facial Treatment

This is an ancient Ayurvedic skin treatment, said to be a favourite of Cleopatra. It uses gold and modern techniques such as Nano-misting and healing light to boost the absorption. It generally contains gold foil, gold powder, sandalwood or rose essential oils, wheat germ or another nourishing oil - often saffron, aloe Vera or honey.

Golden facials are said to increase circulation to the face; aid lymphatic drainage; encourage elasticity; and promote the growth of collagen. The properties of the gold are said to remedy sun damage, possibly lightening skin tone and addressing fine lines.

Your face will be cleansed, dried and exfoliated. The therapist will gently massage the face and neck applying the gold cream that contains the golden foils. This is wiped off and the gold mask applied and left to dry. Once removed after about 30 minutes a cooling/moisturising gel is applied to the face and neck.

Gold is a well known cause of contact dermatitis so may be unsuitable for anyone affected. The science jury is out as to whether it is effective or not.

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    medal_transparent SaraQuinn72

      19 November, 2016 - 14:19

    look really expenive
    favourite of cleopatras!!!