Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass

Area Body
Age range > 20s
Method Cosmetic Surgery
Downtime 2 Weeks
Approval FDA Approved
Price range 13

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Gastric Bypass Treatment

Gastric Bypass is a form of Bariatric surgery. It usually reduces the size of the stomach by 90%. This refers to a procedure used for morbidly obese people; that is people with a BMI over 40. During the procedure the stomach is divided into two sections - a small upper gastric pouch and a much larger lower section. The small intestine is then rearranged to connect both sections using a variety of methods. The result is a smaller stomach.

Gastric Bypass is major surgery but more recently it has been conducted using laparoscopy which involves keyhole incisions, often through the belly button or in the abdomen. Gas is pumped in to inflate the region, allowing surgery to take place, with the use of a camera to guide surgical instruments.

It is usually conducted under a general anaesthetic.

This procedure carries the associated risks of major surgery although there appears to lower risk and mortality associated with a laparoscopy. There is usually prophylactic prescription of antibiotics and pain relief.

A much reduced stomach size. Improvement in co-morbid conditions such as diabetes.

Complications post-surgery such as - Infection, Venous Thromboembolism, Haemorrhage, Hernia or Bowel Obstruction.

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