Fitness instruction/Personal training

Fitness instruction/Personal training

Area Health & Wellbeing
Age range > 20s
Method none
Downtime 1 hour+
Approval N/A
100% Worth it! rating (1 reviews)

Fitness instruction/Personal training Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Fitness instruction/Personal training Treatment

These are hired professionals who either work from a gym or come to your home. They are often trained in nutrition and will hold qualifications in health and fitness. Often they teach specialised classes such as spinning (stationary cycling) that are designed to burn fat or tone and build lean muscle.

Expect a fitness plan to be drawn up after a fitness assessment. You will collaborate on setting goals. Most of all expect someone who will motivate and keep you within safe parameters of exercise.

A personal trainer will tailor exercise regimes to suit your exact level of fitness, goals and ability. They take into account your age and flexibility to choose a variety of routines from running to circuit training. They are also usually qualified in nutrition so can help you lose weight through dietary adjustments.

For some the proximity can be uncomfortable; it can be awkward being in a one-to-one session. Conversely you may become too close and dependent upon your instructor. The quality of personal trainers varies and the chemistry between trainer and trainee is important - you need to get on!

1 Reviews

  • icon_butterfly

    medal_transparent patmac147

    Worth it!      21 July, 2017 - 13:17

    I would absolutely recommend getting a personal trainer on board for someone who is really serious about getting fit and in shape. I think if you are inclined to procrastinate it could be a waste of money as you might end up just making up excuses and leaving the programme quickly and then feeling like a failure. I have experienced both sides. But when you are really motivated a good personal trainer will take this enthusiasm and triple it with their motivational attitude. They usually build you a really challenging programme and show you the results in terms of body measurements, muscle build, or whatever it is you are going for.