Endoscopic Brow Lift

Area Face
Age range > 30s
Method Cosmetic Surgery
Downtime 2-3 weeks
Approval FDA
Price range 3000

Endoscopic Brow Lift Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Endoscopic Brow Lift Treatment

Endoscopic brow lift tackles drooping eyelids and a frown/worry lines. It involves inserting a thin camera connected to a television monitor to allow the surgeon to operate through a keyhole. 3 or 4 incisions are made behind the hair line allowing the endoscopic instruments to be inserted where they remove fat and alter muscles in the forehead. The muscles are then fixed using a forehead fixing device, or screws. The procedure does not require stitching.

A 2-hour procedure in a clinical setting under a general anaesthetic or using intravenous sedation. You will arrive at the hospital fasting and following the procedure you will probably have an overnight stay in hospital.There will be limited movement in the area for a few weeks following surgery.

A fresher, younger looking face without worry and frown lines or drooping eyelids.

As it is major surgery it will require downtime and carries with it the risks of surgery. There may be a lot of bruising post operation. The internal screws can sometimes be felt by the patient post operation. Hair loss may be permanent at the sites of the incisions.

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