Career/Life coaching

Career/Life coaching

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Age range > 20s
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Career/Life coaching Treatment

Taking an analogy from the world of sport, a life coach aims to help you get the most out of your life. Life coaching is not therapy but it assesses performance and suggests tools to improve results. It is goal orientated and practical in its application. It takes the form of a coach assessing and analysing the issues in the client’s life. Goals are set and there will be some discussion about psychological and practical blocks to achieving these goals. The talents and skills of the coaches are emphasised as a major tool in achieving the ascribed goals. Life coaching may be sometimes practised over the phone.

The process is contingent on the style and training of the life coach. Each coach prefers different methods but most will use such techniques that reject all or nothing thinking; identify mental confusion; and break tasks down to simple achievable steps. The skill of the life coach is often based on the communication skills of listening, expression and restating. The most cost effective and beneficial method is often over the phone or online. This may also help prevent a relationship of dependency building up.

Life coaching has been seen to be effective in helping people with among many other things; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Career Development; Relationships; and Health Coaching. Spiritual and religious counselling has grown significantly in recent years.

Life coaching is very poorly regulated and the courses that practitioners attend to qualify are often very short. In comparison to other disciplines it has little rigour and structure in terms of the course work.

It is important to keep the financial gain of the coach in mind when choosing to participate in life coaching. It should be a short process that awakens some blocked or unseen life strategies and not a crutch by which to live your life.

1 Reviews

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    medal_transparent Inquirer

    Worth it!      28 March, 2017 - 15:50

    This is an area that needs to be approached with cation. As the summary warn, it is poorly regulated.