Area Face
Age range > 30s
Method Injections / Fillers
Downtime 2 days
Approval FDA Approved
Price range 525

Carboxytherapy Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Carboxytherapy Treatment

Carbon dioxide is injected into the skin to stimulate greater blood circulation to an area. Dark under-eye circles can benefit very much from this form of therapy as it frees the capillary network that has often become blocked due to factors such as allergies. Other conditions that can result from poor local circulation also benefit this includeing cellulite and stretch marks. In terms of general positive effects, Carboxytherapy has been seen to improve skin elasticity and stimulate collagen growth, thus reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

CO2 is injected under the skin into the cutaneous and subcutaneous layers of the skin through a tiny needle. The needle is attached to the flow regulator by a sterile tube. It is the flow regulator that is attached to the CO2 tank. During the treatment the flow regulator calibrates the amount of CO2 entering the tube.

It is very effective in reducing dark eye circles if they are a result of blocked capillaries. This often occurs in people with a deviated septum, allergies or in the case of those who have broken their nose in the past. Stretch marks benefit through a thickening of the skin caused by increased collagen production.

There are no known adverse side effects to the treatment. The sensation produced during the treatment may feel strange but should not be painful.

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