Brow Shaping/Tinting

Brow Shaping/Tinting

Area Brows
Age range > 20s
Method none
Downtime None
Approval Yes
Price range 80
100% Worth it! rating (2 reviews)

Brow Shaping/Tinting Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Brow Shaping/Tinting Treatment

Using the arch of the eye bone as a guide, eye brows can be shaped according to the fashion of the day. The colour can be changed at home or in a salon using dyes sensitive to the eye region. Methods of shaping the brow include threading, waxing and tweezering

A salon will insist on a patch test, so you need to plan ahead for the first visit. Eyebrows can be threaded – two pieces of sting twisted and rolled over they eyebrow removing hair. Wax involves very small amounts of was that hardens around small areas and are pulled off with a strip of fabric. The most comer hair removal technique is tweezers. Tweezers pull the fair follicle out from the root.

Well styled eyebrow frame the face and are a tool by which to measure symmetry in a face.

Eye brows can look false or overly fashioned. Dye can irritate and be misapplied

3 Reviews

  • icon_butterfly

    medal_transparent Quincy1980

      14 December, 2016 - 13:08

    It's amazing how different a brow shape/tint can leave you feeling. It's generally a really inexpensive treatment but I used to love having it done, especially before a big night out or going on holidays. I now have permanent make-up on my brows which I love so I don't need to get it done any more. For someone with really sparse brows that was a Godsend.

  • icon_butterfly

    medal_transparent patmac147

    Worth it!      21 July, 2017 - 13:36

    I absolutely love getting my brows tinted. I have good brows but they can fade in the summer months and I love that definition you get with a tint. The shaping keeps you looking well groomed too. A must-have that a lot of people ignore I think.

  • icon_butterfly

    medal_transparent McCaffacakes

    Worth it!      25 July, 2017 - 12:00

    I usually get my brows threaded, but I always get them tinted too! It makes such a difference, especially as it makes it so much easier to fill the brows in. Strong brows are a must have in order to frame the face, especially for glasses wearers like myself!