Body Wrap

Body Wrap

Area Health & Wellbeing
Age range > 20s
Method none
Downtime None
Approval No official approval due to recreational nature of treatment
Price range 270

Body Wrap Treatment PROVIDERS NEAR YOU

Body Wrap Treatment

These are products that apply a given material such as mud, seaweed or a particular fruit to the whole body. A massage may be part of the process or the product may just be applied in a rhythmical motion. The client is wrapped in bandages or a large foil towel and left to relax on a plinth for on average about 40 minutes. The product is washed off and the skin emerges revitalised and smooth.
An exfoliation is usually undertaken before the wrap is applied, this maybe as little as dry skin brushing or the use of a scrub such as oatmeal. The exfoliation is followed by the application of the product. The period that follows is one in which the product is absorbed in to the body through the pores. Finally the product is removed and the body is usually moisturised to keep in any residue.
Very smooth skin. Some weight loss may result from release of any water retention
Some people find the process claustrophobic and dislike being wrapped up. There is a possibility of allergic reactions due to the array of substances in the wrap.

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