Body Massage Therapy

Body Massage Therapy

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Age range > 20s
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Body Massage Therapy Treatment

Massage is a broad term that covers a wide number of massage techniques. The elements they have in common is that it requires hands on manipulation of muscle and skin tissues. The traditional massage is known as Swedish massage it involves a set of movements that include effleurage - a light stroke used to heat up the muscle before deeper strokes such known as petrissage. Petrissage includes rolling the skin and releasing; tapoment a percussion style move designed to bring blood up to the surface of the skin; and friction. The aim of the movement is to relax the client, release tension and increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Swedish massage uses oil to lubricate the movements but other techniques such as sports massage target just one area without oils. Thai massage (lazy man’s yoga) pulls the client into yoga positions to release tension while aromatherapy uses oils to stimulate different healing reactions.

You need to undress for Swedish massage and aromatherapy massage. For sports massage and Thai massage you leave clothing on. Depending on the therapist and setting (usually geographical) you remove underwear. If in doubt ask - it will not be the first time a massage therapist has been asked this question. The massage starts with the client laying face up and works from the legs to the head. The client turns over for the second usually longer session. Following the massage the client is left to relax on their own and dress when they chose.

Massage brings relaxation and all the related benefits of relaxation such as reduced blood pressure, stress alleviation and better circulation. Many muscular-skeletal problems such as tight shoulders or back-ache can be remedied, at least in part, by massage.

The use of oil means that it is impractical to carry on a day without showering. Some people find the intimacy difficult, while others dislike the touch and find the pressure too strong or too weak. Massage therapist in spas are often paid only 10%-20% of the overall fee.

1 Reviews

  • icon_butterfly

    medal_transparent Maura CD

    Worth it!      13 March, 2017 - 14:30

    I have a busy and sometimes stressful job. I was beginning to suffer from really bad lower back pain - although I was'nt sure if it was from flip flop wearing, bad posture or just general stress. I tried a holistic all over body massage preceded by a sauna. The salon I contacted proposed this to me after listening to my symptoms. The therapist I saw proposed a massage once every four to six weeks for about three months and thereafter on a quarterly basis. I can only say that it was amazing and resolved my issues. In addition it meant I had to give over that time to taking care of myself - which I would not have otherwise done. The resulting mind space is/was also amazing. Obviously everyone should take proper medical advises with respect to any medical conditions . However I would certainly recommend if you can to make room for a massage in your life you should do so as the relief from a good massage can be phenomenal and it also has so many other positive benefits. I do think that a good therapist is key.