Blow Dry

Blow Dry

Area Hair
Age range > 20s
Method none
Downtime None
Approval N/A
Price range 100


Blow Dry Treatment

This is a professional drying and styling of the hair. A stretching pull of the hair combined with heat from a hair drier fix the hair in a particular manner leading to a hair style. It works on the outside keratised layer of hair. A Blow Dry is usually professionally done whereas blow drying is drying the hair with minimal styling often at home. Key methods involved in blow dries include sectioning the hair and directional blow drying. The use of products such as hair spray, gels and mousses is common, to enhance and prolong the finished look.

Blow dries can take anywhere from 10-30 minutes. A recent variant is the curly blow dry which involves straightening the hair to improve shine while twisting it, either with brush work or the use of curlers. Expect to be asked if you want products (hair spray etc.) to be used. If you want a really clean feel to your hair say no, whereas if maintaining the shape and style of the hair is more important, say yes.

Blow dries are probably the easiest way to enhance your hair's appearance professionally. They can last up to several days and leave the hair shining, smooth and in good condition.

It takes time out of your day to have a blow dry and waiting is often a factor. This has led to the creation of “blow dry bars” that specialise in fast blow dries.

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