Accent Laser

Accent Laser

Area Face
Age range > 20s
Method Laser Treatments
Downtime None
Approval FDA Approved
Price range From 100 euro per session
100% Worth it! rating (1 reviews)

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Accent Laser Treatment

Accent TM Laser is a treatment using a radio-frequency machine that can be used to reduce fat and cellulite on the body, as well as skin tightening on the face.

The machine uses two hand-pieces for controlled radio-frequency penetration - one that is designed for the face, and the other that is designed for deeper penetration, for the body. The facial piece is designed to tighten underlying tissues and promote the production of collagen and re-modelling of collagen structures. The heat from the second (body) piece is designed to decompose fatty acids and kill fat cells.

The treatment provider promises tighter, smoother, toned, rejuvenated skin, improved body contours, improved skin texture. It can be carried out anywhere on the body. The treatment is often used to tone loose and/or sagging, ageing skin on the face, neck and upper arms (bingo wings), and also for post-surgical or post-natal abdomen, or thighs.

The treatment area is marked out with a special pencil and some oil applied to the skin. The hand-held device is used to ablate and heat the skin (cooling tips are intended to keep the skin from burning). The process is quick.

No anaesthesia is required as the treatment should be virtually pain-free and there is generally very little recovery time. There may be some skin redness following the treatment but this should usually disappear within 24 hours. There may also be some dryness and mild pain for a short period. If improperly administered the skin could burn.

1 Reviews

  • icon_butterfly

    medal_transparent Jaume.oliva

    Worth it!      14 December, 2016 - 12:31

    It´s a great treatment