How it all Started

image-32Hello there and welcome to Best Ever Me®. My name is Portia. I’m 43 and a mother of 4. If you’re looking at this site you’re probably a bit more savvy than I was when the idea for Best Ever Me®came to me: I was probably the least well informed person on the planet when it came to beauty treatments and products.

My idea of buying a face cream was to pick up something in a “bargain bucket” at the local pharmacy when dropping in for some Calpol; or to grab a half-price offer on an interesting looking eye cream at the supermarket. And by interesting-looking I mean, of course, a combination of professional-looking packaging as well as some sort of “sciencey” claim about amazing rejuvenating results.

I also may as well admit to you from the start that I horribly mistreated my skin in my twenties and thirties: To me, living life to the full meant partying late and falling into bed at who knows what time – usually not even removing my make-up at all, and if I ever did, it would involve vigorously scraping a couple of cheap face wipes across the face until I felt it was clean; then falling asleep – no moisturiser or anything!

And don’t get me started on the sun damage. I cringe to admit that, far from using a sunscreen, I regularly used olive oil in a desperate attempt to attract the Irish sun to tan my skin; and on the rare occasion that I was lucky enough to get away to sunnier spots, a maximum of Factor 6 was applied. And I’d sit sizzling through the day, invariably looking like a lobster by day three of my holiday. The name of the game was to look as dark as possible when coming home, no attention being paid to the fact that it would all have faded three weeks after coming home anyway. Oh if only I’d known what damage I was doing!

Time for change

Well, there’s no point crying over spilt milk. At 43, in fairness, considering the way I’ve treated my skin over the years, I’m not doing TOO badly. Things could be worse. But, despite the fact that I’m not a vain person, the reality is that these are the areas I now feel could do with some sort of “work” (to be defined!!) in order to make me feel.. well.. a better version of me:

So! What to do?! Where to start?! Haven’t a clue about the beauty world; Don’t understand any of the terminology at all; Conscious that there are a lot of claims out there that range from exaggerated to just plain untrue; Don’t have time to properly research all the options available to try to decipher what the best options are for me; Plus, I’m a little embarrassed to be over-thinking things – maybe I should just let nature run its natural course?

So I decide to run it past people I know. What follows are a great number of conversations with other women (and a few men) like me. And I mean a GREAT number. An ASTONISHING number: “Oh really Maura? So you’re thinking of getting a filler then? And how long does it last? Oh what’s that Elizabeth?! You’ve heard they can be rejected by your body and end up misshaping your whole face?!! You’ve seen photographic evidence of this?.. Oh so there’s some sort of electro-magnetic device that can be used to literally smooth away the wrinkles...? And how much does that cost? And how many times do you need to get it done?.. Does anyone know about microdermabrasion? Oh it can really hurt and leave you looking like you’ve just been beaten up? And what about acid peels?! And Botox...?”

Where we are now

And at the end of all that? I’m even more confused than when I began!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of the genesis of Best Ever Me®.

When I was growing up (pre-mobile phones, pre-fake tan!) people who had “work” were very quiet about it and there was a sense of it implying a sort of gauche level of vanity and self-obsession.

Well things have changed: 40 is the new 30; 50 is the new 40, and so on.. My Dad is almost 70 and goes to the gym 4 times a week. My mother is a beautiful and elegant woman, and I don’t expect her to surrender to the blue rinse brigade any time soon. Life expectancy has lengthened and so has our expectation of looking and feeling good. There is no longer an age limit to looking and feeling fabulous. And why should there be? And equally, with all we know now, your 20s are a good time to get informed, treat yourself well, and enjoy that youthful bloom for even longer!

And now there is a vast range of options available to help us be that Best Ever Me®we want to be. You don’t have to go under the knife; you don’t even have to allow needles near you. There is a world of gentle options available that can be effective and that you can be comfortable with. And if you do decide to take a step further along the treatments spectrum, the key is being well-informed and understanding the procedures on offer.

I created Best Ever Me®because I believe passionately in celebrating every chapter of this precious life. And if looking the best we can will help us walk tall no matter what our age, then that has to be a good thing!

I don’t promise to half your age or have you producing your ID in pubs again but I do promise to make your journey to becoming your Best Ever You as clear, easy and informative as possible.

Having researched the market thoroughly, we take the pain out of the search for perfect beauty and rejuvenation solutions for you. I’m proud to say that the Best Ever Me® team has created the go-to platform for everything beauty-related, offering clear, detailed and unbiased information; business listings and customer reviews and rankings, and is all about helping you, the consumer, to make informed choices. And we’re constantly making improvements and love to get feedback. Don’t be shy – if there’s something missing, or that you don’t like, let us know! We promise to pay attention and be an even better Best Ever Me®– for you!

Lastly, Best Ever Me® would be nothing if not utterly impartial. Please be assured there is no commercial relationship between Best Ever Me®and the providers of treatments and products, other than business listings; treatment offers; products listed for sale, and advertisements that are clearly labelled as such. Reviews and rankings are scrupulously monitored and calculated to ensure objectivity.

I really hope you enjoy your journey to Best Ever Me®. And if you do, we’d love you to become one of our Best Ever Friends. As a valued friend you will have exclusive access to our Best Ever Friend section. I designed this by thinking about what I would love to get from a platform like Best Ever Me®. I thought, if I were a regular user of Best Ever Me®(which I definitely would be!) then I would want to feel special; a part of a community of like-minded people; and get tips, news and updates, and offers that I had specifically said were of interest to me (no spam!). And I’d also like to receive treats! We know you’re busy! So every time you write a review you win reward points towards treats...