Bodyworkshop Gym

Bodyworkshop Gym

Address Rosemount Business Park, Unit K7 centrepoint, Cappoge
Dublin 15
Phone 085 7021018

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  • Bodyworkshop Gym was setup to help people reach their goals. Alot of the time people fall down in terms of the controlled environment in gyms because in regular gyms they are shown an exercise once and left to do it by themselves. I believe that changing a clients workout regularly and building in the concept of progressive overload meaning adding more weight and resistance will result in a better outcome.

  • Opening times
    Monday 5.45am - 8.45pm
    Tuesday 5.45am - 8.45pm
    Wednesday 5.45am - 8.45pm
    Thursday 5.45am - 8.45pm
    Friday 5.45am - 8.45pm
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed

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