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Best Ever Me has been speaking to a variety of aesthetic professionals across Ireland - whether it be specialists in dental cosmetic treatments to skincare, non-invasive cosmetic treatments, and surgery - to find out what are the latest trends in aesthetic procedures among the male population of Ireland.

While we are told that Irish men are not newcomers to salons and clinics across the country, there is far less a perceived taboo when it comes to men seeking out the right cosmetic procedure for them, than 10 years ago.

In particular practitioners tell us that men who have recently experienced a life-changing event such as divorce or redundancy feel they want to rejuvenate - whether it be to compete with younger candidates in the job market, or to find a new partner.

Like Irish women, they tend to be looking for subtle changes, as opposed to a head-turning, gasp-inducing transformation. They just want people to think they look really well, as opposed to totally different! This is a cultural thing, also noted by surgeons carrying out breast augmentation among Irish women - more often than not they want a natural look.

The current top 5 favourite treatments are:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Laser skin treatments on the face for blotchiness; pigmentation;  broken veins and fine lines; overall resurfacing, plumping and tightening
  • Hair-loss treatments
  • Male waxing
  • Injectables - "Botox" (regstered trademark protected) and fillers

It is worth noting that teeth whitening can be carried out at home using whitening kits and you can get the trays made to fit the exact mould of your mouth at the dentist, and then use them at home a few times a week for a few weeks, or until you reach the desired shade of white - this costs around 250 euros. But there are a number of quicker fixes available such as "Zoom" teeth whitening that claim dramatic results in one session (under an hour) in the dentist's chair.


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