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By Megan McCafferty

Here are the BEM team’s time saving Tips for getting glam quick!

Being a parent means that you can have very little time for yourself. You’re all busy ladies and when you’re spending time looking after others it can mean that we can sometimes neglect looking after ourselves. Real talk: Sometimes a hot shower isn't even in the cards. But because we firmly believe beauty makes you feel good on the inside, it's worth finding ways to get the job done against all odds.

Here will give you some quick fixes to feeling fabulous and some top time saving tips! Enjoy

Tip 1:

Fall in love with your hair again with Coconut Oil! Styling your hair in the morning is one of life's biggest chores, and sometimes you can just end up throwing it up in a ponytail and forgetting it for the day. But fabulous hair doesn't have to take a lot of time to do, and having a little bit of life in those locks can make you feel more beautiful and confident for the day.

This is Hannah’s favourite hack: Once a week, slather coconut oil all over like a moisturiser. You can even put it in your hair as a deep-conditioning treatment overnight. The next morning you'll have the softest skin and hair ever!

Tip No.2:

Try over night braids for easy heat free waves! On the subject of hair, a fast and super pretty way of styling your hair is overnight braids!

Our intern Megan is a massive fan of this hack: "Most nights before bed, I put my hair in a French braid, wet or dry! When I wake up it's wavy and I don't need any heat styling. If I go to bed with wet hair it's usually still a little damp in the morning, all I do if give it a quick blast with the hair dryer (in my roots only) and I'm good to go! Usually I hit the roots with dry shampoo or volume spray too to give it that extra oomph".

Tip No.3:

The last Top Tip for the day comes from Portia! She says Invest in time saving products and services. Switching to as many semi-permanent solutions as possible can really cut down on your morning get-ready time. Eyebrow embroidery (basically tattoo for your brows) has been a godsend for Portia and eliminates the need to wax frequently. Double duty products can also save you lots of time! A tinted moisturizer with SPF can combine three skin steps into one! Perfect for busy mornings!
I hope these tips help you out! If you do try any of them let us know, send pics, or comment your own top tips!
Lots of Love, The Best Ever Me Team xx


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