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All you need to know about spray tanning by Megan McCafferty


Today we’ll tell you all you need to know about tanning this summer, including:

  1. How you should prep your skin;
  2. Details about the tanning process;
  3. Making the tan last;
  4. And finally getting it off before it goes patchy.

We want to make sure you don’t end up like Mrs Hathaway did in Bride Wars or Ross in Friends.. ;-) So let’s get stuck in!

Prepping Your Skin
One of the most important things to do before a spray tan is to exfoliate and moisturise, especially on your elbows, your knees, and your heels. Dry skin will absorb the tan faster and will lead to uneven, scaly-looking skin. Using a loofa in the shower or a body scrub will prevent this.

If you want to splash out on a body scrub Laura Mercier have an amazing Almond Milk Body Scrub which is sure to leave you baby soft, and smelling luscious, in a matter of minutes. It is also suitable for sensitive skin! If you’re on more of a budget, Soap & Glory do a lovely body polish which smells ah-may-zing. Just note that it has quite large sugar particles which may not be the best for sensitive skin. You can also make you own body scrub from ingredients you probably have hiding in your kitchen cupboard. Use 1/2 cup of sugar (white or brown sugar - preferably organic) and 1/2 cup of oil (olive oil and coconut oil work really well.) You can also add some essential oils like rose water or lavender to give the mixture a pleasant fragrance.

Next it is important to moisturise! Rule number one is avoid oils!!!!! Stay away!! Promise me! Oil-based moisturisers make it difficult for the tan to sink in and can leave you looking patchy - not good. Also, if possible, avoid moisturising on the day of your tan. Try your best to keep your skin dry and clean.

For those of you that shave, make sure to shave more than 24 hours before your spray tan to ensure a smooth surface. Wait 24 hours after tanning before shaving again, and use a blunt razor to avoid exfoliating the tan off!

On The Day
On the day of your tan avoid applying any products to your skin like perfume, makeup, or deodorant. Your skin should be clean from any products that may prevent the tan from settling into the skin.

Make sure you wear loose dark clothing as this will prevent staining and ensure that your tan doesn’t get rubbed off by the material. And for the love of God don’t touch the walls of the tanning cabin/tent! If you do you will end up with glowing orange hands, which might be helpful if you work as a lollipop lady and will save you from carrying the stop sign. Otherwise… Dorito hands is just not the best look. ;-)

Tan No-No No.1!
Avoid getting your eyebrows done on the same day you get your tan done. Spray tans can take up to 24 hours to develop. If you get your brows waxed while your spray tan is setting on your face, it will exfoliate the skin and, in turn, remove the color you applied with your spray tan. Grrrrr.... And take note: Some women say spray tans give their eyebrows an orange tint! The chemicals in spray tan sometimes stick to hair, so try to avoid colour issues altogether by applying Vaseline beforehand. You’re welcome! :-)

The Process
You will be given a tiny pair of paper underwear to put on, which will prevent ruining a pair of your own undies. After that all you have to do it stand there in an attractive hair net and some fabulous-looking goggles and you’ll be a golden God/Goddess in no time! It can feel a little awkward stretching your arms out and presenting your naked glory to a stranger but don’t worry, your spray tanner does this every day and will barely notice you. ;-)

Patchy Pits Panic
Your tan will always be darker under your arms. Unfortunately it’s kinda unavoidable. But, rubbing under your arms with a baby wipe will strip away some of the colour for you - Johnson's wipes are particular good for this job. When your beauty therapist has left, you can also pat a little Talcum Powder under your armpits so any sweat won't ruin the colour. Avoid deodorant for a few hours if you can.

Maintaining That Glow
After your tan application try to avoid getting your hands wet for at least 8 hours, unless your tanner says otherwise. If you do have to have your hands in water we’d advise wearing gloves to protect them. As mentioned earlier if you have to shave after your fake tan use a blunt razor which will avoid exfoliating the tan off.

Moisturising is important in maintaining your tan but avoid heavy moisturisers and body butters. The excess moisture from heavy body lotions and butters can cause fading of the spray tan. A lightweight body lotion or butter will keep the skin moist without fading the tan. But make sure these are oil-free! Oil is not your tan’s friend! Safe moisturisers to use are: Fake Bake Oil-Free Moisturiser / Nivea Oil Free / Simple. Try and avoid these products: Cocoa Butter & Baby oil.

Just in case you’re planning on hitting the pool, you should know that chlorine does have an effect on the spray tan solution. Spending a short time in the pool will not ruin your spray tan, but prolonged spells floating about in chlorine will strip the solution from the skin. If you are going to swim while spray tanned and are really keen to maintain the colour, have a few quick dips in the pool, and pat the skin dry immediately after exiting the water.

Tan Faux Pas
If the colouring from the spray tan is undesirable you can fix the problem at home. By soaking in a warm bath with a small amount of shower gel the ingredients in the spray tan solution will begin to loosen from the skin. After soaking for at least ½ hour, exfoliating the skin with a loofa or mint scrub will allow the spray tan solution to rinse away.

Now that you have everything you need follow the link below and you’ll be guided to our spray tanning page which will help you find a spray tan providers in your area.

Good luck getting that glow! - Megan


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