icon_butterfly Get Fresh - Hydrofilling is revamping skin treatments – and complexions

by Brenda McCormick

The world of rejuvenation treatments is always evolving and it’s exciting to see new developments occurring. The era of frozen faces and one-size- fits-all treatments is over: these days it’s all about subtle, natural results that make you look youthful and fresh, not ‘done’. Which is what everyone wants really!

One of the biggest - and possibly most effective – improvements is in how fillers are used. Hydrofilling is fast becoming a popular treatment and involves having lots of tiny injections all over the face, to rejuvenate dry, tired skin. Much like micro needling, it works on the complexion as a whole, rather than one frown line here, a wrinkle there and results can be impressive.

The technique uses hyaluronic acid, which can absorb hundreds of times it own weight in water. Hyaluronic acid also has a role in producing collagen, so it’s essential for well-hydrated skin. There are lots of hyaluronic acid fillers on the market and clinicians and cosmetic surgery doctors use the finer, more fluid ones for this treatment, applying tiny droplets to the superficial layers of the skin. The needles don’t go as deeply into the skin’s layers as with other filler treatments, so the plumping hyaluronic acid sits closer to the skin’s surface. The results? You could call it a ‘skin refresh’; a boost of brightness and moisturisation with fine, dry lines gently smoothed out from below.

This trend for lots of tiny injections, rather than single targeted treatments is also being used in the world of Botox. Micro-Botox works in the same way as hydrofilling, with multiple injections across various areas. However, unlike regular Botox treatments, which reach the deeper muscles to tackle deep lines and furrows, micro-Botox is used to reduce the appearance of large pores – giving skin a smoother, brighter result. It’s become very popular among the younger celebrity crowd (where deep wrinkles aren’t yet an issue) to refresh the complexion, keep large pores in check and it can even help with over-oily skin.

Written by Best Ever Me Writer, Brenda McCormick


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