image-3 Black Market Injectables

Would You Risk It?

Did you know that facial injectables are available on the black market in Ireland? It is hard to believe but several clinics have in recent weeks told us some clients admit they have been approached by (and some accepted offers from) unqualified practitioners offering "cheap" injectables - both botilinum toxin-based and hyaluronic-acid, or other, dermal fillers. I myself was offered "Botox" (registered trademark) by a mother at pick-up time outside the school gates when I was living in London a few years ago. Needless to say I politely told her I would get back to her. I wouldn't mind but we weren't even discussing facial aesthetics. She just approached me, jabbed me between the eyes with a pointy finger and declared "I could get rid of that for you love!" - meaning the furrow between my brows. "The cheek of her!" I hear you say. Oh yes, on SO MANY LEVELS!

Accepting injectables from unqualified practitioners is obviously a dangerous move, not least because it is important for the practitioner to fully understand the workings of the facial muscles and the effects of the injections on the tissues - fundamental issues that an appropriately trained and qualified individual will have studied in some depth. In the case of botilinum toxin-based injectables, by law these must be administered by a medical doctor.

Remember, specialist aesthetic doctors will, in many cases, have spent half a life's work engaged in the study of facial cosmetic procedures. There's a reason for that!

Note: Many of those who have take the risk for a cheaper option end up needing complex corrective surgical procedures. For example incorrectly injected botilinum toxin around the eye area can lead to freezing the eyelid closed.

Imagine the expense, stress, time off work... Be informed, Be careful! 

The facial injectables market is set to grow by about 14% per annum from now until 2021, when it will be worth over US$9 billion globally, driven by an ageing population and greater awareness and acceptance of aesthetic medicine. Botilinum toxin-based injections still make up over 60% of the market, but soft tissue fillers are also growing exponentially. Further regulation is expected and, naturally, we will be keeping on top of developments in that regard.


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