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from Laura Bermingham, the Mail on Sunday

Best Ever Me was in the Media this week. Laura Bermingham featured Best Ever Me in her page in the Mail on Sunday, 23rd April edition.

Here's what she had to say about us:


We've found a fantastic beauty resource that you can turn to whenever you want to know about the causes and solutions to any number of beauty queries. It's a website entitled and it's owned by Portia Quinn, who is Dublin-based and aims to be Ireland's best wellness and rejuvenation advisor. We're impressed, as Portia not only explains therapies, procedures and practicalities for different treatments, but she also clearly breaks down the facts behind so many complaints like cellulite and hair removal.

Even more impressive is Best Ever Me, which covers all areas of beauty from the basics right up to non-invasive procedures and surgical options. And if you are considering a beauty therapy of whatever kind, the site will find the provider, clinic or salon nearest you. Check it out if you're a consumer but also if you're an Irish business. Let's get Irish beauty connected.

Huge thanks to Laura Bermingham for her great, supportive words!


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