image-767 No one-fix for facial rejuvenation - It's all about combinations

by Portia Quinn
I’m Portia, the CEO and Founder of Best Ever Me. You won’t be surprised to hear that I’ve been reading a fair bit about non-invasive cosmetic procedures but I am still hesitant about where to begin for myself.

I have learned quite a lot at this stage and if there is one thing for sure, it is that one treatment will not solve all facial ills! It’s all about a combination – getting the right combination seems to be the trick.

In the US, the FDA approved Botox (trademark-protected injectable) for use on the furrow between the brows specifically. I have tried this before and it worked well for me. I also think a few tiny injections on the forehead work for me – only enough though to allow movement so you don’t end up looking like an expressionless robot! This has totally run out – I last had it done in March 2016, so I definitely need to get it done again.

I will not go to the same person as I got the impression he was really just interested in trying to sell the maximum “areas” and make the most possible dosh out of me, rather than actually examining my facial structure and giving me decent, measured advice. I ended up feeling quite aggrieved as he persuaded me to have it around my eyes, even though I told him that I really wasn’t comfortable with the idea, based on the fact that I had had it done before I turned 40, and it had looked a bit weird. “Oh we’ll be very sparing with the amount, don’t worry”, he had said. The result this time was even worse than the first time. Although the “crow’s feet” were visibly reduced, there was an unwelcome set of results: a fresh heavy wrinkle beneath both eyes, where the cheek was effectively lifted to an unnatural level, so I felt (and looked) very strange when I smiled!

The second thing I am thinking about is a tiny bit of filler in the lips, though a part of me is a little ashamed to admit it for some reason (!). I think I’m afraid of coming across as hugely vain – I’m not!! But a little filler would be nice – I’ve been thinking this for ages and I even saw a reputable cosmetic dermatologist last year about it, and he told me there was nothing wrong with my mouth and that actually, due to a little facial asymmetry, he would not recommend it. I was really impressed by that level of professionalism on the one hand. But a teenchy bit peeved too. Maybe a wee chat with someone else to see if they agree? I will certainly reveal the facts about the first opinion!

So that’s the brows, forehead and lips covered. What about the jawline and cheeks? I am hugely tempted by the “Vampire Facial” – I’ve heard and seen brilliant reports about this and, as written in a previous article, I do find the “science” behind it quite compelling.

I am also very intrigued and interested by the skin contouring/lifting/ tightening treatments achieved through laser and/or radio-frequency. Watch this space. I intend to do more research and see what I learn.

But let’s not forget about the actual texture of the skin. Laser treatments are very popular but, again, there are a plethora and each claims to be the “latest” and/or “most effective” in terms of technology. And then there is microdermabrasion; chemical and acid peels; and sophisticated facials.

I have quite sensitive skin and I tried a light acid peel before Christmas. The following day some people commented that my skin looked “amazing” and I was delighted with myself.

But about 48 hours post-treatment my skin started feeling really ropey. And by ropey I mean seriously rough – like sand-paper! All bumpy and hard. I called the salon and the manager told me to drop in and gave me some samples of cosmeceutical-strength face creams to apply liberally. Which I did. And things did seem to get better. But, basically, I felt the skin just went back to the way it had been prior to the peel, rather than noticing any lasting change.

So does this mean I should avoid peels altogether? Or should I get a series of peels done to see a real, lasting effect? Or was there possibly an ingredient in that particular peel that my skin simply reacted to?

So many questions! Have you had experience of any treatments – we want to hear the good, the bad and the ugly!


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