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Enjoy Your Best Ever Skin This AW17

So, despite best efforts, you managed to get a lot of sun on your face this Summer. Well hey-ho, whoo hates a tan? But now we've hit the joys of the Irish Autumn. One minute you're standing in a t-shirt in glorious sunshine; the next, you're zipping up your jacket with a shiver. You don't know how to dress for the weather, so imagine how your skin copes. The tan is well and truly faded.


(1) Resurface your skin.
Before you can expect a lovely glow, you need to address the issues. Take a good look in the mirror. Do you have dryness? Redness? Uneven tone? Broken veins around the nose? You have some options:

(a) Autumn is the perfect time for laser resurfacing to your skin. Laser IPL, for example, is a really popular and relatively inexpensive treatment. A course of 4-6 treatments is usualy recomended. And each treatment costs around 150 euros.

Sounds a bit pricey?

(b) Another option is a peel. Starting at around 75 euros per treatment, a peel can sometimes offer great results and a healthy, even skin tone.

(c) The cheapest option is to thoroughly exfoliate your skin. There are a number of products available that cost less than ten euros and they can help a lot. Just be careful to choose a product that suits your skin type. I personally use quite a coarse exfoliator because I feel my skin can take it - but this is controversial! Some skincare experts would strongly advise against using such products. In my case I usually apply it in the shower, when the skin is wet. I pay extra attention to the reddest areas - i.e. around the nose and smile lines, as well as between the brows, and the chin.

(2) Moisturise (with a high SPF)
It may sound obvious but you'd be surprised how many people think resurfacing treatments can be effective on their own. It is ESSENTIAL to apply a really good moisturiser after you remove a layer of skin. And DON'T FORGET THE SPF! Even in winter, at least Factor 30.


(3) Try out a decent fake tan.
Trust me. It will make you feel a good bit better if you have a base of colour on your skin. If you're a bit nervous about applying it to your face, you can always mix a little with a blob of your moisturiser and build up from there. Remember to use a mitt!

(4) Make-up

(a) To prime or not to prime?
My vote is yes. A primer can make the world of difference. Preferably apply the primer at least a few minutes after you moisturise, so that you don't end up effectively blending the moisturiser with the primer. You want the primer to act as a layer that gives purchase to the foundation and helps it last through the day.

(b) Foundation
When it comes to foundation it's really worth getting it right. Your skin deserves a product that enhances it, and doesn't cause irritation. This does not necessarily mean you need to shell out a fortune. But do spend some time trying out a few products. You can ask for testers as most decent pharmacies and cosmetic counters.

(c) Lipstick
Find a shade that complements your skin tone and lasts!



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