icon_butterfly 10 Easy Tips to Look Fabulous this Autumn

We've got it all covered to get you rocking AW17

The leaves are falling; the tans are fading rapidly; and the winter darkness is drawing in. But let's cast aside the blues and make sure your AW17 look is your BEST EVER!

This subject deserves an article in itself. And that's what we did! 4-TOP-TIPS-FOR-GREAT-AUTUMN-SKIN ...READ MORE

Most of us damage our hair during the summer, whether it's getting bleached and dried out by chlorine from swimming pools, and/or getting in and out of the sea. An Irish autumn is not going to help that, with its fluctuating temperatures, and spells of cold dryness, as well as rain and humidity!

(1) Cut
So, what better time to have a really good chop than when the ends of your hair are dried out and splitting? Why not for for it and try out a totally new look?

(2) Colour
Autumn is also a great time for trying out a hair colour. With whites and pastels moving to the back of the wardrobe once again, out come the rich, colourful autumnal layers. What better time to give your hair colour a real boost? Try a lovely warm, rich shade. If necessary, adjust your make-up and go for a slightly darker tone, or use a bronzer. TO READ MORE AND FIND PROVIDERS

(3) Moisture
Sun damage can hit the hair badly, but here's a great tip for getting the lustre back in your tresses: On a night in, wash and towel dry your hair; then apply the richest and creamiest conditioner you can get your hands on. Wrap your hair up in a soft towel and snuggle up in front of the TV for a good couple of hours. Rinse and dry well with a hair drier (not a straightener or tongs) before going to sleep. You should see a big difference in the softness and general condition of the hair the next day. If you suffer from dry hair, carry this out a couple of times a month, if possible.

If you can afford it, a Brazilian Keratin treatment ight be the answer to giving you stunning shine and a permanent blow-dried look, all Winter long. At around 180 euros, it can make a HUGE difference and save you masses of time because you barely need to run a drier over the hair after a wash and the result is a lovely groomed look.TO READ MORE AND FIND PROVIDERS 

(4) Nails
It's a simple fact that having your nails painted is probably the number one treatment for making you look "groomed". And with shellac/2-week manicures starting from about 23 euros, it won't break the bank.TO READ MORE AND FIND PROVIDERS 

(5) Lashes
Like your hair, your lashes need a boost now and again. Personally I'm a massive fan of lash extensions, which I get done every few weeks. The first (full set) treatment costs around 75 euros, and a refill (every 3 to 4 weeks) is around 45 euros. TO READ MORE AND FIND PROVIDERS

(6) Brows
You've heard it before: Your brows frame your face. So don't neglect them! A good set of brows can be a stunning asset. There are a number of options for brows. Waxing, threading, tinting, HD Brows. But as a busy working mother my personal favourite is semi-permanent brows because I have naturally sparse brows,and once they're done, they're done! i.e. Eyebrow embroidery, Embrowdery, Micro-blading..TO READ MORE AND FIND PROVIDERS

(7) Lipstick/Liner
Pick a delicious shade of lipstick. There's something about buying a new lipstick. Tip: Buy a good lip liner pencil that matches your lipstick.First outline the lips, then fill in with the lipstick. Using a liner certainly helps define the lips, and makes it last.

(8) Coat
Invest in one good coat for the season. Go for something with a defined shape, a good length, rich fabric, and fabulous colour. You don't need to shell out a fortune these days either, as the high street offers some compelling imitations of your favourite designer models.

(9) Boots
Another must-have investment. There's nothing like a good pair of boots with a nice heel - not too clumpy! And, again, the high street offers some afordable options that look great and are perfectly on-trend.

(10) Black trousers
I can't think of my winter wardrobe without a good pair of black trousers. They will be worn a hundred times this season. Spend some time on this - it will be time well spent! You want a good cut that flatters your figure. And preferably machine washable! I haven't found my perfect pair yet but I'll be looking for long slim-leg trousers with a little slit at the ankle, that can be worn with high heels as well as boots.

Good luck Best Ever Friends. If you manage all 10 of these top tips, you will be rocking it this season! x


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