icon_butterfly All You Need To Know About Tickle Lipo

What is Tickle Lipo?Tickle Lipo is a brand new method of fat removal and body sculpting recently imported from the USA. Also known as Nutational Infrasonic Liposuction (NIL) and Nutational Custom Acoustic Liposuction (CAL), the new procedure significantly reduces discomfort during a liposuction treatment. An FDA approved treatment, it is much…
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icon_butterfly Juicing: Miracle or Myth?

by Riain O'Fiach
Let’s face it, juicing is easy. It’s much easier for us to consume the recommended five a day in one easy-to-make smoothie or shake than it is to individually prepare a meal incorporating each. Many companies have capitalized on the juicing craze selling convenience and health benefits as a reason to buy their products, but is there actually…
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icon_butterfly Homemade Chicken, Bacon and Mushroom Pie

A Delicious Autumn-Winter Crowd Pleaser Recipe
There's nothing quite like it when you create a crowd-pleasing meal that gets gobbled up with gusto. Empty plates and happy faces all round. Even better if it takes under 30 minutes to prepare, costs around 15 euro and feeds 6. I prepared this for my family for Sunday dinner and my 4-year old told me "You are a great cooker Mummy. And this is…
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image-3 What I Ate Wednesday by Megan McCafferty

Delicious ways to add more protein to your diet!
Protein. The thing all the cool kids are talking about. But what is it, why do we need it, and how can we get more of it?   Protein is a vital nutrient required for building, maintaining, and repairing tissues, cells, and organs throughout the body. When you eat protein, it is broken down into the 20 amino acids that are the body’s basic…
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