icon_butterfly The Nightly Routines of Successful Women

We love reading about successful women and what is important to them. One of the most recurring recipes for success we repeatedly see is the importance of a nightly routine. All successful women have a bedtime routine that allows them to end one day and prepare for the next in a confident manner.


Screen-free zone

After collapsing from exhaustion at her desk, Arianna Huffington went on to establish one of the most prominent media groups on the planet – The Huffington Post Media Group. Her book The Sleep Revolution thought us that Arianna removes all electronics from her bedroom an hour before sleeping, gets into bed and reads a paperback book to help her mind unwind.



This little buzzword has caused a lot of eye rolling over the years, yet it’s influence cannot be stressed enough. Lauren Conrad, designer and blogger, stresses the importance of making time for yourself, setting measurable goals, and keeping a to-do list by your bed.


A Bubbly Bath

Gwyneth Paltrow manages to stay calm and collected each day despite having an acting career, young family, business career and writing books due to her nightly bath routine. Each night she relaxes in a bath filled with Epsom salts – the perfect end to any day.



Actress and model Jaime King says "Always wash your face before bed, even if you don't want to. Don't be lazy. I don't care what you've consumed that evening—just do it." Washing your face will help your mind to cleanse itself of the completed day and prepare for the tasks about to begin tomorrow in a ritualistic fashion.



Ellen DeGeneres opts to practice meditation before resting each night. Meditation can help to reduce chronic pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. Jennifer Aniston is also a fan of nightly meditation, claiming her day is determined by whether she meditated the day before or not.


The Importance of Design

Bedroom design will help you get a good night’s sleep. Reduce outside light to a minimum. Wear ear plugs if outside is a noisy environment. Mattresses should be replaced every five years, pillows annually.



Foods play a massive part of our nightly routines. Eating a large meal before bedtime probably isn’t the greatest idea for your digestive tract, so we recommend eating and drinking light healthy foods and drinks that will rejuvenate your energy levels overnight, helping you have a successful day.


Clocks out

Watching the clock like a hawk will only do one thing – increase stress. If you can, follow successful women and remove all clocks from your bedroom.


Stay on Schedule

Regardless of what way you craft your nightly routine, the most important factor will be staying consistent. Going to sleep and waking at the same time every day will help your routine take shape.


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