icon_butterfly Top 5 Men's Grooming Trends For 2018

Men’s grooming has seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the past few years. At Best Ever Me, we provide a full list ofmale grooming providers, so we decided to highlight the most popular male grooming trends for 2018.

Laser Hair Removal


The days of gorilla like chest hair being sexy are over. 2018 is all about the sleek, hair free contours of your body. Ignore that fuzz on the back of your neck and risk being left in the 70s!

The treatment itself is relatively pain free and has been described as a mild burning sensation. Due to hair growth being unregular, it’s recommended that you conduct up to three sessions spaced a month apart to completely eradicate all pesky hairs.

Spray Tans


Your next trip to the Amalfi Coast is how long away? No worries, a spray tan will keep you looking sun kissed up until then.

Spray tans have more benefits than just the colour, many now have moisturising properties in their formula, leaving you silky smooth for weeks to come. The golden glow form your body will leave you feeling confident in yourself 24/7, just be aware that everyone will initially notice, it's hard to hide a glow!

Eyebrow Control
Listen up, nobody likes a uni-brow. Two caterpillars on your forehead aren’t exactly better, and they sure as hell don’t make you look any more rugged. Many treatments exist, such as waxing, trimming, shaping and wiring, each designed to get those brows under control.

Get it sorted men. Eyebrows are surprisingly noticeable, especially bad ones.

Hair Highlights
Remember when highlights were just marketed at women? Not anymore! Many men are now opting for a complete colour change or lowlights to blend in flecks of grey. Either way the former taboo doesn’t exist anymore.

Beard Maintenance
It’s time to upgrade that beard. Nobody likes a natural beard that’s unkempt and wiley. Invest in a good trimmer, sharpen up your lines with a cut-throat razor and soften your facial hairs with a quality beard oil.

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