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So you want that Hollywood smile? Well you’ve come to the right place! We have compiled the best methods and procedures for you to choose from and improve your smile in no time.

The reason so many strive for that perfect hollywood smile is because it’s so damn hard to achieve. Almost everything we eat and drink has a some sort of colouring agent in it. Wine, curry, sauce, coffee, fruit, cigarettes, all of these progressively stain your smile and cannot be avoided completely. Other people’s genetics simply mean that their teeth are naturally more yellow than white.

Teeth whitening really is an uphill battle from the start, but you’ve made the first step by beginning to research.

In this article we will provide you with a three step process to make your teeth multiple shades whiter. In step one we will discuss how to remove any existing stains, step 2 will be to whiten and step 3 will be how to maintain your new shade.

Step 1: The cleaning

Over time, our teeth build up layers upon layers of stains that you probably wouldn’t notice until it’s very apparent. The first step will be to tackle these stains and remove them. We recommend beginning with a deep teeth cleaning at your local dentist. Using a small, high powered water jet, your dentist will clean the surface of your teeth removing any stains that exist. Having healthy teeth is dependent on having healthy gums, so the dentist will also clean your gums.

There is no point whitening over stained teeth, so step one is designed to provide a starting point for whitening.

Step 2: Whitening

When it comes to whitening the teeth, there are multiple different options you can choose from.

Hydrogen peroxide is the golden chemical when it comes to teeth whitening. No matter what method you decide best suits you, it will most likely contain this chemical.

UV whitening kits

You might have recently noticed a lot of celebrities promoting or even wearing a small mouthguard that emits a UV light onto their teeth. This new type of kit can be used at home and usually costs between €50-€100. The process starts the same as other whitening kits by applying a whitening gel, except that this is then followed by shining a UV light onto the teeth to speed up the process.

The Ultimate Teeth Whitening Guide

Whitening toothpastes

Almost all major toothpaste brands have developed a whitening line.While many claim they can whiten with in a week, toothpastes like this should be only used to maintain the results of a more permanent method.

There are many different brands on the market from Crest to Beverly Hills Formula. Crest’s 3D White line uses small doses of hydrogen peroxide to whiten the teeth, while Beverly Hills Formula’s Perfect White Black, which uses charcoal to remove tough stains. Cost: €5-€10.

Whitening strips

Whitening strips have become an extremely popular method of teeth whitening over the past decade. The strips are a small, linear paperlike material that is placed over the teeth for roughly 30 minutes a day. The strips disperse the whitening material over the front of the teeth, whitening them gradually over time. The only downside to strips is that they often only cover the first few teeth in your smile and might not fit those with a wider smile. Cost: €20-€40.

In-office whitening

The main benefit of getting your teeth whitened by a dentist is that you are receiving a professional treatment tailored to your teeth that uses hydrogen peroxide usually graded at 40% compared to over-the-counter products which contain around 10% hydrogen peroxide. Cost: €150-€450.


Whitening gels & pens

These types of products allow much more control as they are brushed on, meaning the whole tooth is covered in product. You simply apply and go, they do not need to be rinsed out. This usually means they are not as strong as other types of products on the market. Cost: €10-€30.

Step 3: Maintaining

The final step is maintaining your perfect white smile. Most experts recommend you whiten for two weeks straight. Teeth can only absorb so much hydrogen peroxide at a time, meaning that by week two they are essentially saturated and dried out. Take a break and maintain your smile using a good toothpaste and mouthwash and try to avoid foods that will stain until your next whitening treatment.

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