icon_butterfly 10 Beauty Trends You Won't Be Able To Live Without In 2018

Sticking with 2018 for another week, we decided to take a look at some of the biggest beauty trends we see changing your new year routine!

1.     Environmentally friendly

Most brands are now beginning to care more about the environment as it becomes a much more important part of their consumer’s lives. Lush, the original pioneers in environmentally-friendly products, recently introduced their naked range which features no packaging, has richer ingredients and uses less water, all good things for the environment and a trend that looks set to continue in 2018.

2.     Find your shade

This year everyone is talking about complexion matching. Companies are beginning to offer all-inclusive beauty products that allow the individual to mix and match from up to 40 different shades, allowing them to find their perfect shade.

3.     Gym friendly make-up

Fitness looks set to be at the forefront of yet another year, so companies such as Clinique are offering their Clinique Fit range to keep you looking good while you exercise. Most are sweat resistant and promise not to clog up your pores as you exercise, allowing the skin to breathe.

4.     Shimmer

Glitter eyelids and sparkle lips, ah, our love for shimmer hasn’t gone anywhere ladies! 2018 will continue to see the growth of holographic designs in all areas of beauty.

5.     Glow, glow & more glow

Highlight your whole face, not just the cheekbones. Dewy balms, pearlescent creams and layers of illuminators all over the high points of your face will give you that desired glow and make you simply irresistible.

6.     Anti-pollution skincare

Our skin comes under attack on a daily basis. Bacteria, heating and air conditioning all damage the outer layer of our skin without us even noticing. Make-up, just as it has been used for years to combat the sun with SPF ratings included, has now turned towards defending against pollution too.

7.     Gems

While 2017 may have been the year of festival gems, 2018 is set to see an increase in adoption for these tiny sparklers. Adhered to your eyelids, underneath your eyes or use instead of liner, all offer a great look.

8.     Nail art is back

Logos, geometric patterns and custom designs are all going to make a huge splash in 2018.

9.     Vibrant eyes

The more colour, the more striking. Everyone was experimenting with bright eye shadow and liner at all of the SS18 fashion weeks. Aim to keep your make-up pretty standard, then add a vibrant pop of colour to the eyes to make them stand out.


10.  Slick it back baby!

Making its way from the red carpet to mainstream hair salons is the slicked back wet look perfected by celebrities such as Bella Hadid. Remember: The more styling cream you use the better the hold!


We hope you will use these trends in 2018! Find a beauty salon near you NOW.


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