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May 2018 “To say that we are impressed with Portia and the Team at Best Ever Me, and the digital marketing services provided by Absolute Beauty Online would be an understatement. Portia and her team have succeeded on several levels where other marketing companies have not for our practice. Firstly, they listen, and I mean really listen to who you are as a practice and what you are trying to achieve. They ask intelligent questions so that they can really understand you business, and specifically who you are trying to reach and why. For our practice marketing Portia’s team focused on delivering dental implant leads to our practice. This is a notoriously difficult market, and one in which we had never had external leads successfully delivered to us by an external marketing effort (our implant patients all come to us through reputation and word of mouth). Wow! Did they deliver! We received over 20 leads in a short period of time, these individuals were exactly of the demographic we requested and we have had contact with all of them. They have either committed to an Implant Consultation with our team, or spoken with us directly and agreed to follow up. We are very optimistic that these relationships will develop into happy patients receiving life changing dental implant treatment.I thoroughly recommend Portia and her team for their attention to detail and incredible results, and I look forward to working with them now and for a long time to come. 5 stars! Dr Sarah Jane Dunne, Dundrum Dental Surgery
”This is a no-brainer for us. The market has been crying out for something like this for ages. We're delighted to get on board.
Dan, Seapoint
Best Ever Me has been a great platform for my business and looking forward to working with them on an on-going basis to promote the various treatments available at our clinic! Great experience  all-round. * * * * *
Brendan Molloy, South William Clinic and Spa
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